Our son has been attending The Music School for 5 years, since he was in 2nd grade. At the time, we had no idea that The Music School would become such an integral part of his (and our!) life. The school year just isn’t complete without afternoon Music School classes! Our son has learned everything from music history to theory to chorale singing to reading music. He receives personalized attention in the Piano Lab, and always, always receives positive reinforcement and support as he hones his skills. He absolutely lives for the annual Spring Musical, and our family looks forward to the show every year with great anticipation. But THE most amazing and important aspect of our son’s participation at The Music School has been his sense of belonging and community. He has found “his people”, and he loves sharing his passion for musical theater with other kids and teachers who just seem to “get it”. When the pandemic hit, our hearts broke just a little bit when in-person classes and the Spring Musical had to be canceled. But leave it to The Music School Director, Teachers, and Staff, to re-imagine all classes and the musical itself as a virtual performance. Our son’s excitement never waned! In fact, he was inspired to continue throughout the summer (and sheltering-in-place) with other Music School offerings, like Spotlight Theater, Music Composition, and Music Technology classes. Throughout all the pandemic uncertainty and unknowns, The Music School never missed a beat, and was our only constant. Not only did they provide awesome online experiences, they somehow found a way to connect and engage with the kids on a very personal level. We cannot say enough wonderful things about The Music School. The experience has been positive, enriching, educational, and fun. And there’s no question in our minds that The Music School saved our pandemic summer by keeping our son connected to his community and his passion. We are forever grateful!

Kathy G, parent

We started at the Music School 7 years ago when Mira turned 5 and I asked my friend Michael Farnsley (a favorite teacher at the Music School) if he could start giving Mira lessons.  He told us to just sign up for classes at the Music School.  She’s learned so much over the years in the classes (an amazing sense of rhythm, understanding of theory and great pitch) and always while having fun.  She hasn’t just learned music, she’s learned to enjoy music.  She fiddles at the piano, plucking out pop tunes and sometimes transcribes compositions on songwriting  software just for fun.  For the last 5 months, Music School has been the constant in her life that ensure she has a fun hour or two while we’ve all been under shelter in place.  It’s been such a great distraction, I’ve signed myself up for private piano lessons too.

Jennifer S, parent

Without a doubt, The Music School is my favorite after school activity. It is a mix of singing, dancing, acting, music, and instruments. The Music School is helping me learn to play the piano and soon, the drums. They balance the parts in the summer and spring musical, my favorite time of year at The Music School. The teachers are very nice and help you when needed. Going there has helped me to get more confident in public speaking. The kids at the Music School are very caring and kind. The Music School is a great place to go if you like singing, dancing, playing instruments of any kind, and acting. 

Grayson K, student

This Music School never gets old, and the teachers are all wonderful people.  I’ve had a lot of fun over the past seven years there.  I hope that they continue spreading music throughout the world. 

Allison G, student

I have been attending the Kaleidoscope class at The Music School for two years. Although this may seem like a short time, within these two years I have made new friendships and learned many musical concepts such as rhythm, dynamics, and pitch. The teachers at the Music School make class entertaining with games and activities while still teaching you the fundamentals of music. In class, we learn many genres of music such as classical, jazz, comedy, pop, and lots of Broadway. I think everyone’s favorite part is the musical that they put on every year. Everyone has a great time while performing in the fabulous show that incorporates many fun musical numbers from classics like Mary Poppins. This year we sang comedy songs with funny lyrics such as “Hello Muddah” and “Make ‘Em Laugh”. 

Every day in class we learn our own instrument. I play the piano, and during every class I receive individual practice time with a teacher. The teachers choose the best song for you to play which challenges you to improve. All the teachers at the Music School have their own unique talent like comedy, drama, voice, choreography, etc. But most of all, the teachers make learning music fun.

My sister and I both attend The Music School, and we both love it. I regret the fact that I didn’t join the Music School earlier, because I missed many years of Music School fun. Sadly, this is the last year can be in the Kaleidoscope group, but next year I can move up to the Entertainers! I wish to continue with the Music School until I cannot anymore. 

Stuart F, student

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with The Music School!!  My kids have learned how to read music, play an instrument, act, sing and dance.  The teachers at The Music School are exceptional.  They use techniques that are developmentally appropriate for each age group and most importantly, the learning is taught in a fun and exciting way.  Their teaching methodology resonates with the kids and inspires them to be motivated learners.  My kids can’t wait to come to their music classes each week! 

Kim N, parent

I have had the pleasure of being associated with The Music School for over 10 years.

The children are taught to read sheet music, by systematically learning and revising each note by note. My son has greatly benefitted from is method and is very comfortable with even new pieces.  Each year we look forward to the stage performances by the children. The teachers put in a tremendous amount of effort and the results are there for all to see. The winter and spring recitals showcase the talents and progress of the children.  It is a pleasure to listen to all the instruments, in varying degrees of  proficiency as the students perform. As my daughter now progresses through the various classes, with renewed interest, I look forward to many more years of musical training. Kudos to the faculty for their dedication!! 

Sujata K, parent

Mike has attended The Music School for more than five years and it has been the best investment in after school training that we have made.  It has broadened his horizons and is a true confidence builder.  Thank you Music School for time well spent.

Joe M, parent

My children have attended classes at The Music School for the past fourteen years, each one beginning with Chantelle’s Musical Treats class at age two and continuing all the way through Kaleidoscope.  I love that the teaching staff of The Music School has remained mostly the same over all this time – they are like family to us.  As my children grew a little older, they really enjoyed the summer art and music camps, as well as their first experiences with theater in the “Broadway Babies” shows.  Their piano teacher often commented to me over the years how well they knew their music theory, and I always thought that was due to what they had learned in their school year classes at The Music School.  In elementary school, they expanded their music education by adding private instrument lessons and summer theater.  The musicals, which I feel have really contributed to their confidence, are always one of the highlights of our year. The private lessons and accompanying recitals give my children the opportunity to challenge themselves beyond what they are learning in their school bands.  Now that they are in middle and high school and thus aging out of the school year classes, they both wish to continue to take private instrument lessons and participate in the Summer Stock Theater at The Music School.  Choosing to attend The Music School was one of the best decisions that we ever made and I am very grateful for the experiences that we have had there.

Kristi R, parent

I have a 12 year old and 6 year old at The Music School. The staff is wonderful and they make learning music fun for the kids.  The classes they offer are well-rounded, from music theory to singing and dancing to musical instruments.  I particularly like their music theater classes, and the highlight of The Music School has to be the musical production performed by the 1st through 7th grade students at the end of the school year. This professionally choreographed performance is always magical to behold, and the kids learn many life-long lessons, such as organizational skills, teamwork, and learning how to sing, speak, and dance in public. The teachers have a great deal of experience in managing the incredibly difficult jobs of costumes, stage designs, and teaching the kids the songs, dances, and acting lines. They also really try to get as many students involved in the production as possible. I look forward to being a Music School parent for many years to come!  

Cathy C, parent

The Music School has been a fantastic experience for Ashly.    In the 2 years being at the school her self confidence and “inner actress” has ignited.  Because of her practice on stage at The Music School she landed the lead role in her 3rd grade class play.  I owe her gain of self confidence to the fabulous Music School teachers who are passionate about music and teaching our children. I would recommend the Adventures program along with the Singing Children program to everyone. 

Caroline H, parent

My kids have attended The Music School since their first Mommy & Me class. Over the years their musical abilities have grown tremendously, thanks to a talented staff and seasoned program. Now they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of school activities, from musicals to playing an instrument, with confidence and experience! 

Mary H, parent