Adult-Child Supervision Requirements


  • All in-person Private Lessons are taught on The Music School campus in assigned rooms, and are not permitted in any other location.  (Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church 728 West Fremont Avenue)
  • Music School staff will abide by an open-door policy, in which doors will always be open or unlocked when the rooms are occupied with students, and any staff member may enter at any time.  All classrooms and studios have windows which shall never be covered when the rooms are in use.
  • Standard practice is to have a minimum of 2 staff members required to be on campus for supervision of children under age 18.  Private Lessons and Classes that include children under the age of 18 are scheduled during regular Music School office hours.     
  • If a Private Lesson is scheduled for a child under age 18 on campus outside of office hours, a parent or adult guardian must remain on campus for the duration of the lesson.  Staff members may open an extra classroom or studio for the supervising parent or guardian. 


  • Online meeting links are shared with The Music School office staff.
  • Music School administrators may join lessons and observe at any time.
  • Children under age 18 are expected to be at home with a parent or adult. 
  • Lessons are scheduled for children under age 18 through email communication with the parents.  Any communication by email or text between a teacher and child may be shared with the parents and Music School administrators at any time. 
  • Parents may request their child’s lessons be recorded for safety purposes by emailing the Director in advance. 


  • All staff members over age 18 complete finger-printing and are DOJ cleared.
  • All staff members and volunteers are required to attend SVPC Safe Church training for an educational seminar on child abuse.
  • All staff members are considered mandated reporters and will report any suspicions or incidents of child abuse to authorities. 


  • Children should visit the restrooms with their parents or guardians before classes start.
  • Any staff member escorting students to the restrooms will wait outside while the students occupy the restrooms. 
  • Class Students will be escorted to the restrooms during class as needed, by a Music School staff member and in groups of 2 or more students.   Students age 12 and up may visit the restrooms in pairs with permission from the teachers. 
  • Private Lesson Students under age 12 will be escorted to the restrooms during lessons as needed by their lesson teacher or by Music School office staff.

Anyone who has a concern about children’s safety may contact or for further discussion.