Online Lessons


  • Online Lessons will be held using Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or Skype, depending on the teacher and students’ preference.
  • Students are responsible for having the appropriate instrument and necessary equipment available to them. This includes the electronic device, adequate internet connection, musical instrument and sheet music.
  • Lessons that are interrupted or fail to connect due to student’s technical difficulties or lack of internet connection will be counted as a student absence. Lessons that are not completed due to a teacher’s technical issues will be made up.
  • Participants must be fully dressed with cameras on at all times. If a student fails to comply with the teachers’ request to turn their camera on, the lesson will be cancelled and reflected as an absence.
  • Regularly scheduled Online Lessons are to be held at their agreed-upon day and time. Lessons may not be rescheduled to accommodate student absences.


  • Online meeting links are shared with The Music School office staff.
  • Music School administrators may join lessons and observe at any time. Administrators will join each lesson briefly once every 3-4 months.
  • Children under age 18 are expected to be at home with a parent or adult. 
  • Lessons are scheduled for children under age 18 through email communication with the parents.  Any communication by email or text between a teacher and child may be shared with the parents and Music School administrators at any time. 
  • Parents may request their child’s lessons be recorded for safety purposes by emailing the Director in advance.