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PIANO   Donald Dillard, Michael Farnsley, Diane Keller, Mila Ovsankin, Deb Sanfilippo, Dennis Schade, Kirk Tamura, Anna Turkova

STRINGS  Matthew Leung

WOODWINDS  Margaret Collar, Lisa EvansAnthony Urbina 

BRASS Craig Hirotsuka

PERCUSSION Shota Otaguro, Peter Wallack

GUITAR  Jason Keiser, Juliana Tarter

VOICE  Robin Costa, Adam Lee

CLASSES & CAMPS Nancy Whitecar, Nick Patton, David Garcia, Lauren Kato, Jo Smith-Nilsson

DIRECTOR Chantelle Urbina


Margaret Collar (she/her) Flute, Piccolo

Robin Costa, Voice

Jesse Denny (she/her) Classes

Donald Dillard (he/him) Piano


Lisa Evans (she/her) Woodwinds


Michael Farnsley (he/him) Piano, Pathways/Young Musicians, Adventures, Camps, Accompanist

David Garcia (he/him) Pathways/Young Musicians, Kaleidoscope, Office

Craig Hirotsuka (he/him) Brass

Lauren Kato (she/her) Music & Dance Camp

Jason Keiser (he/him) Guitar

Diane Keller (she/her) Piano, Classes

Adam Lee (he/him) Assistant Director, Musical Play, Musical Treats, Music Box, Adventures, Kaleidoscope, Voice Class, Strum Class, Voice

Matthew Leung, Violin

Shota Otaguro (he/him) Percussion

Mila Ovsankin (she/her) Piano


Nick Patton (he/him) Assistant Director, Music Box, Pathways/Young Musicians, Adventures, Kaleidoscope, Theory, Spotlight Theater, Preschool classes

Deb Sanfilippo (she/her) Piano, Classes, Music & Art Camp


Dennis Schade Piano, Accompanist


Jo Smith-Nilsson (she/her) Camps, Classes

Kirk Tamura (he/him) Piano

Juliana Tarter (she/her) Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Strum Class

Anna Turkova (she/her) Piano

Anthony Urbina (he/him) Saxophone, Sound Engineer

Chantelle Urbina (she/her) Director, Singing Children, Entertainers, Spotlight Theater, Summer Musical Theater, Preschool classes

Peter Wallack (he/him) Drums

Nancy Whitecar (she/her) Kaleidoscope, Pathways/Young Musicians, Accompanist


Kiren Balakrishnan (she/her), Maryland Institute College of Art

Sydney Chao (she/her) Lynbrook High School, Senior

Sophia Christensen (she/her) Fremont High School, Sophomore

Allison Gregory (she/her) Michigan State University

Aaron Johnson (he/him) San Jose State University

Grayson Kunz (he/him) De Anza College/Homestead High School, Middle College

Kailash Menon (he/him) Emory College

Aaron Montes, Fremont High School, Senior

Sara O’Connor (she/her) De Anza College

Tessa Prodromou (she/her) Los Altos High School, Junior

Mira Sumant (she/her) Los Altos High School, Freshman

Nakoa Urbina (he/him) Cupertino High School, Senior

Peyton White (she/her) UC Berkeley Graduate

Lahari Yallapragada (she/her) Monta Vista High School, Junior

Hee Chan Yang (he/him) Homestead High School, Junior


Karen Filice

Janelle Kishi Ho

Ellen Kitchen

Garrett Kuramoto

Suz McFadden

Charlie Neuhauser

Robin Rosenberg


Debbie Czyzewski

Jill Denny

Jim Vaughn

Doris Harry, Founder

Doris Harry served as director and teacher at The Music School since its beginnings in 1977 until 2017. Doris earned her Bachelor and Masters of Music at The College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She has additional hours in the M.B.A./Arts Administration program at Golden Gate University. Doris began her work in Cincinnati in the 1970’s in research, development, and curriculum writing for Baldwin Music, a company developing pianos for group lessons. Doris has taught students from preschool through the university level. She has made two educational music television series and multiple recordings for children. Her published works focus on music curriculum and songs for children. Doris directed children’s choirs for many years and still does workshops across the country.  She continues to write music and record CD’s, and she remains on the cutting edge of music education today.

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