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The Music School is non-profit, with open enrollment and scholarship assistance available.  We believe that learning music should be fun, and open to all ages and abilities.


The Music School offers comprehensive musicianship through active learning for children and adults. Our music educators are highly qualified and share a love of teaching. Our curriculum offers group experiences, private lessons, ensemble participation, theater, and camps. Our Music School family is a mission outreach of Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, and we love sharing our love of music!

We believe that learning music can be FUN, and we believe in the effectiveness of learning in groups.  Group experiences offer students the opportunity to participate in comprehensive musical learning through shared experiences.

Most classes and lessons meet once a week, without regular in-class parent participation.  This provides a better learning situation and develops wonderful teacher/student rapport.  Parents are invited for periodic class visits and performances, and participate with productions, fundraisers, and special events.

Our class curricula have been especially designed for each level, providing appropriate and innovative learning materials for each age group.  Each curriculum provides a logical progression of study as students continue through our courses.

Most of our class students, whether majoring in piano or not, learn basic piano skills, because the keyboard provides the most graphical representation of how music is organized.

Our private and small group teachers individualize the approach that best suits each student.  It is important to us that we provide students with a good understanding of music reading, not just playing by finger number, hand position, or rote.  In addition to Just Playing, the basic music-reading method used by the whole school, students will study a variety of repertoire pieces based on their interests and the best choices to help them progress, including classical, folk, and fun music.

Students are given a range of performance opportunities, including preschool programs, choral festivals and concerts, musical theater productions, student recitals, and community performances.


In 1977, Doris Harry and a small group of music educators sought to create a music school where children could learn about music by exploring, reading, and piano.  Thirteen children enrolled in a twelve-week pilot program.

Today, The Music School has an enrollment of over 500 students throughout the year, and we have taught students ranging in age from 12 months to well over 80 years old. We offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach to musical growth and experiences, which includes listening, singing, rhythmic activities, instrumental instruction, games and music theory.

Our faculty is made up of highly qualified music educators with extensive teaching and performing experience, with degrees that range from bachelors to doctoral degrees.  All our teachers, staff and assistants share a love of music and children.

Music School alumni are making music from coast to coast, as professionals and as amateurs in orchestras, choirs, operas, and musicals on and off Broadway, and are sharing music as educators, choir directors, band teachers and accompanists.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as Director of the Music School.  I have been invested in the Music School for over 30 years, and am blessed to have been able to work so closely with our founder Doris Harry for such a long time.  My philosophy as a music educator is deeply influenced and enriched by what I have learned from Doris, and I am committed to continuing her legacy at the Music School.   

Music has been a major part of my life since I was a child.  I specialized in Music Education, Vocal Concentration at University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music, where I met my husband Anthony, who is also a musician and teacher.  Teaching children and working with talented musicians is my passion, and I am fortunate to have been able to work with students of all age groups.

My goal is to carry on the quality programs and traditions we have at the Music School, and I look forward to trying new things, including a variety of specialized workshops for both kids and adults.  I am committed to outreach, and I think there is no better way to bring people together than with music.

Many, many thanks to the Music School faculty and families for the incredible support. What an amazing community we have!

Chantelle Urbina, Director


I get wonderful feedback from both current and past Music School families, and my favorite quote of the year came this fall: “We love this school. There are a lot places where you can get piano lessons or other instruction, but THIS SCHOOL HAS HEART!”

We are glad to have you as part of our music family.  

Doris Harry, Founder


Jan Williams came to teach at The Music School in the summer of 1978 and her love and influence have never left. For 19 years, her love for teaching music and working with children touched the hearts of all who had the good fortune of knowing her. Jan’s creativity and hard work were inspirational and resulted in many firsts for The Music School. We can thank Jan for the Teddy Bear Concert, Music and Art Around the World, and Music and Art Camp. She taught in almost every curriculum area at the school, but we will remember her most for the Young Musician Violin and Kaleidoscope classes. Writing music, designing and building sets, making costumes, singing, playing the piano—Jan became the spirit of The Music School. Jan lost her battle with cancer on October 22, 1996. We remember her as a wonderful musician with great creativity, who made music an exciting adventure for her students. All proceeds from our Teddy Bear Concert go to a scholarship fund in Jan’s memory.


Bobbi Rupp volunteered in The Music School office and supported our faculty and students every way she could.  Bobbi was proud to be our oldest student for many years.  Music was a huge part of Bobbi’s life and she especially loved organ music.  Bobbi  took organ lessons and practiced here at Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church and sang in the SVPC Chancel Choir. Bobbi passed away peacefully on September 5, 2018, at age 89, surrounded by close friends.  The Bobbi Rupp Memorial Senior Scholarship is granted to all students age 65+, no application required.

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